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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Phone: (782) 414-1097

Mission Statement

Diligent Estimating Consulting has been founded to provide an estimating consulting service to the architectural sub-contractors in commercial construction. We cater to each unique client we partner with to create an estimating department for your unique needs. We also assist with business development in connecting you with new streams for pricing, both private and public, and assisting with trades funding facilitating opportunities for your business scenario.

About Us

This service offering is unique. There are other quantity surveyors who provide estimating services; however, most are serving developers, building owners, and other consulting firms in building construction. No other companies are focusing on the “Sub” contractors. The smaller trades companies with feet on the ground actually building these commercial buildings in our provinces. The reason for this is the trust issue and the disclosure that each unique sub-contracting company has.

We transcend this boundary with three crucial points:

1) Our owner and founder is a former contractor and connected with a good reputation in industry. He understands the clients well and their challenges.

2) We have non-disclosure statements signed when we team up and merge with each client for peace of mind.

3) We have no-compete clauses signed to ensure that we do not assist the same sub on the same tender, ever.

Want to become our client? Here’s how it works:

Once the client acquires the service, we do a consultation to gain perspective on base variable for their specific trade (masonry, cladding, painting, flooring, finishing, etc.). We then begin to take the project tender invite, do up full material and labor take off and reports and quote documents after reading spec and blueprints and present the full perspective to the owner 24 hours before closing. The client’s owner and team look over everything and confirm adjustments and the quote is sent to the tender recipient. Over the course of several weeks/months, we gain perspective on each unique client, their custom quote template and dialogue, their in-house labor rates, their overhead and other variables that factor into pricing, and much more. After six months this stationary estimating department is molded for efficiency and operates behind the scenes of this company ensuring efficient and accurate pricing for the business’s development. Retention is key, we ideally will want to work with each client well over the course of 1 year, we want to remain their estimating department for 5 years and beyond.