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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Phone: (782) 414-1097

We Help with Trade Funding and Bus. Development

We could also further assist in other ways beyond estimating, if interested. In the past we have assisted sub-
contractors with successful funding for their business and their trade site employees; see below:

Funding for Hiring Immigrant Workers

Up to $100,000.00

Labor Recruitment Consulting


Funding for Hiring Women in trades jobs

Up to $50,000.00

Red Seal Designations

Leading to pathway funding for apprentices

Labour Union Consulting

For savings and boundaries

Other ideas

That may help with your growth plan


Integration with the Community

For Business Development, we can help you find new streams of pricing, new clients to send you tender invites,
and connect you in the construction community locally with:


Developers and Project Managers
General Contractors
Business owners and development officers
Networking organizations

If you have any questions

Please consult with our team

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